Kaffe Fassett and David Birch work on a joint decorated Oval Filter Teapot Project

Kaffe Fassett and David Birch

An Update on the Kaffe Fassett Oval Filter Teapot
By David Birch M.A.R.C.A.                              2018

Dear Kaffe Fassett Studio Subscribers and Followers,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself as the Designer and Originator of the Oval Filter Teapot, to which I have applied, in collaboration with Kaffe and his Team, six of Kaffe’s stupendously brilliant patterns.
The development & manufacture of this very original teapot range, has taken much longer than we anticipated, and I would like to take this opportunity of first and foremost to thank you for your interest in the teapot, and your patience of waiting for its arrival out there in the market place.

Stock is now available for pre order. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your details in the relevent box to proceed.

We are planning some accessories to the teapot, such as mugs (see the image below) If you would like to be kept informed of availabilty, please enter your details below.

Below are recent photos taken at the factory in July, during my last minute pre production checks.



The images above show me working on the original plaster model, and show the first trial clay castings, plus clay handle application


The above shows glaze dipping for the bright red Jewel Square design teapot.


The above shows the cutting out and applying of the transfer print and then removal of the fired teapot, from the enamel kiln.




As an avid leaf tea drinker myself, I thought I would regale you with some further images above, taken recently wandering around (oolong) tea plantations, whilst visiting local pottery workshops & factories in southern China.

Finally, attached too, are pictures of our  London Studio/Workshop here in Wimbledon — to which you are all invited — for a cup of delicious leaf tea. Of course, poured from any one of our very special unique Kaffe Fassett teapots! (see above & below image)


Best wishes
David Birch





The Kaffe Fassett – New Oval Filter Teapot Collection

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